Brian Curry's Portfolio


Landscape Designer. Photographer. Naturalist.

Rutgers University Class of 2012
B.S. Landscape Architecture--Summa Cum Laude

2012 LAF University Olmsted Scholar

2012 ASLA Student Honor Award Recipient

My designs seek to connect people with the world around them, acting as an interface between the built and natural environment. Using an understanding of the ecological intricacies of the landscape, I designed projects that are both educational and functional--beneficial to the system in which they exist. I try to integrate the latest in web-based mobile technology into each site, creating invisible "layers" of interaction with the environment that can be studied and quantified. With a passion for creative problem solving and a drive to design sustainably, I aim to improve both natural and human ecosystems in a way that evolves with the dynamic world around us.
(908) 420-9246